They were crazy looking things,” Hyde said

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Check the hang tag, the buttons and the tag in the lining for the logo. There are lots of Rurberry and Burbery trench coats out there. One of the key elements on the Burberry logo is how the capital has a small horizontal line (a serif) on the left hand side.

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With all of this in mind, it perhaps makes perfect sense that fashion is finally reasserting its less approachable side and the value of the model who, it should be remembered, may still be an actor par excellence over and above more familiar names. It’s no secret, after all, that once an idea has become mainstream, it is unlikely to be tolerated for long by industry movers and shakers for whom innovation remains the Holy Grail. So is celebrity finally going out of fashion? The last word goes to Lagerfeld, of course.

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28; Pure Bathing Culture, Wild Ones, Key to the Mint Cheap Prada Bags, Sept. 29; Ott, Plantrae Cheap Prada, Aligning Minds, Sonny Vincent, Zin Vetro, Dirt Rockets Cheap Prada, Erin Hot Trash Ryan, Sept. 30; AJ and the Woods Cheap Prada, Daniel Rylander, Harlot, Ray Flanagan Cheap Prada, Oct. Its process of pitching a new client, as described in a 2005 profile of Koolhaas in The New Yorker, involves cobbling together foam models meant to show the way the firm’s designers think and solve problems rather than merely presenting slick renderings of their proposed designs.Those foam models caught Hyde’s eyes during the competition.”The foam was something we liked. They were crazy looking things,” Hyde said. “Their presentation started with those and I think what they were conveying to us was that we look at all kinds of things.

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