Anti-proliferation effect of serum containing WEI KANG NING on gastric cancer MGC-803 cells and its mechanism

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Feng CX et al. Zhong Yao Cai. 2006 May;29(5):456-8.
To investigate the anti-proliferation effect of WEI KANG NING on gastric cancer.
MGC-803 cells were cultured in different concentrations of serum containing WEI KANG NING. The inhibitory ratio of the cells was measured by MTT assay. Apoptosis was observed by Hoechst 33258 fluorescence staining.
Each concentration of serum containing WEI KANG NING could inhibit cells proliferation. Among them, both high and medium concentration could inhibit longer. Moreover, high concentration could induce cells apoptosis.
WEI KANG NING serum has anti-proliferation effect on MGC-803 cells and the effect may be related to cell apoptosis induced by WEI KANG NING.

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