Changes of immunological parameters with administration of Japanese Kampo medicine (Juzen-Taihoto/TJ-48) in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer.

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Ikemoto T, Shimada M, Iwahashi S, et al. Int J Clin Oncol. 2013 Feb 27. ????? The prognosis of pancreatic cancer is extremely poor regardless of various combination therapies. Immunoaugumentation against tumor cells was recently A focus. We reported that the population of Foxp3(+)CD25(+)CD4(+) regulatory

T cells (Foxp3(+)Treg) was the new parameter for the estimation of host immunity and had correlation with tumor aggressiveness. Here we show the immunoaugumentation effects of Japanese Kampo medicine, Juzen-Taihoto/TJ-48, empirically considered as an immunoaugumentation drug, with investigation of Treg and other immunological parameters. Peripheral Foxp3(+) Treg populations, CD4/CD8 ratio, and CD57(+) cells (NK cells) populations in advanced pancreatic cancer patients (n = 30, stage VI A and B according to TNM classification) were estimated after TJ-48 administration for 14 days before the anti-cancer therapy. Treg populations were significantly increased compared to healthy donors (Mann-Whitney U test, P

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