The Effect of Polysaccharides of Some Chinese Herbs on Mice Natural Killer (NK) Cell Activity

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Fang Xunxin Liang Minrou Wang Jianhua. Pharmacology and Clinics of Chinese Materia Medica 1990-01
After 3-h culture with polysaccharide of Radix Ginseng at 37C in a CO2-inculatoi, mice NK cells could get more active (P0.01). Dose response studies showed that polysaccharide of Radix Ginseng could enhance, at concentration ranged from 30ug/ml to 120ug/ml,mice NK cell activity assayed against YAC-1 target cells. At a concentration of 100/ug/ml, CMPM Oould enhance the NK cell activity, polysaccharide-k has no effect on mice NK cell activity by the same method when its dose ranged from 50-40ug/ml, The NK cell cytotoxicity of “Spleen deficient” mouse was significantly decreased to 3.52+.35 from 7.98+0.87(X+SD) ,P0.01. When cultured with 500ug/ml Radix Ginseng polysaccharide at 37C in a CO2-incubator for 3-h, the inhibited NK cell cytotoxicity increased to 6.45+0.99, from 3.52+1.35.It cought be suggested that NK cell activity might be one of the forms of “Spleen” in Traditional Chinese pedicine.

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