Consuming beets increase your body production of glutathione

Consuming beets increase your body production of glutathione, which helps your body detoxify by grabbing numerous toxins and pulling them into the colon, where they are evacuated. Beet juice might also improve the composition of blood by stimulating red blood cell production, improve stamina, dissolve kidney stones and reduce blood pressure, according to The Healthiest Foods on the Planet. As cooking time and temperature increase, betalains and vitamin C content steadily decreases.

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While this lens does not have the focal length of any of the other lenses above, it is an excellent telephoto zoom lens that combined with a 2x teleconverter will get you a 400mm focal length, however you will lose several f stops by using a 2x. This is also the least expensive option at $2,300. With this lens you will get consistently clean and crisp shots of wildlife.

Speaking in more detail to the quarter’s results of operations, total managed gross premiums written increased by 4.7% to $701.8 million from $670.5 million in Q2 2012, an increase of $31.4 million. The increase is a result of increases in both the Validus Re and Talbot segments. The Validus Re segment gross premiums written increased by $12.5 million or 3.7% over the prior year’s quarter to $353.4 million.

I believe it can, if the cheaper version of VR becomes successful. Sony (NYSE:SNE) is bringing its PlayStation VR for $399, while Valve is planning to lower VR system requirements in order to make its headset less expensive. In contrast, a unit of Oculus Rift costs $599.

Likely helping: Windows 10 (free upgrade to Windows 7/8 users) launched in late July to decent reviews, and Intel has since gradually rolled out its 14nm Skylake CPU line. After starting off by launching the gamer/enthusiast focused Core i7 6700K and Core i5 6600K desktop CPUs, Intel has rolled out the Skylake Y series (meant for tablets and compute sticks), U series (ultrabooks/convertibles), H series (notebooks), and S series (desktops). Sizable power/efficiency and GPU performance gains are generally promised relative to comparable 14nm Broadwell CPUs..

This feature will help stabilize the image and prevent blurred photos. This especially comes in handy when you’re shooting in low light situations. There are a few digital SLRs that do not come with this type of lens (such as the Canon Rebel XT), so I would recommend passing those up and spending the few extra bucks to get the better lens.

A life Free of CANCER

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Daniel Weber


Cancer is not a disease to self medicate, just because you read something on the internet doesn’t mean you can treat

Always go to the best expert you can find, in fact find several and get all the information

If someone suggests they have a ‘cure for cancer’, run away as quickly as you can

Cancer is enormously complex, without single cause or treatment.

A multi-disciplinary approach will give the best result

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Does fat give you cancer?

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Does fat give you cancer? Interleukin 6 secreted from adipose tissue promotes migration and invasion of breast cancer cells (Walter et al 2009) Excessive adiposity has long been associated with increased incidence of breast cancer in post-menopausal women, and with increased mortality from breast cancer, regardless of the menopausal status. Although adipose tissue-derived oestrogen contributes to obesity-associated risk for oestrogen receptor (ER)-positive breast cancer, the oestrogen-independent impact of adipose tissue on tumour invasion and progression needs to be elucidated. Here, we show that adipose stromal cells (ASCs) significantly stimulate migration and invasion of ER-negative breast cancer cells in vitro and tumour invasion in a co-transplant xenograft mouse model. Our study also identifies cofilin-1, a known regulator of actin dynamics, as a determinant of the tumour-promoting activity of ASCs. The cofilin-1-dependent pathway affects the production of interleukin 6 (IL-6) in ASCs. Depletion of IL-6 from the ASC-conditioned medium abrogated the stimulatory effect of ASCs on the migration and invasion of breast tumour cells. Thus, our study uncovers a link between a cytoskeleton-based pathway in ASCs and the stromal impact on breast cancer cells.

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Indirubin derivatives inhibit Stat3 signalling and induce apoptosis in human cancer cells

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Regulation of the IL-23 and IL-12 Balance by Stat3 Signalling in the Tumour Microenvironment Interactions between tumour and immune cells either enhance or inhibit cancer progression. We show here that Stat3 signalling within the tumour microenvironment induces a pro-carcinogenic cytokine, IL-23, while inhibiting a central anti-carcinogenic cytokine, IL-12, thereby shifting the balance of tumour immunity toward carcinogenesis. Stat3 induces expression of IL-23, which is mainly produced by tumour-associated macrophages, via direct transcriptional activation of the IL-23/p19 gene. Furthermore, Stat3 inhibits NF-?B/c-Rel-dependent IL-12/p35 gene expression in tumour-associated dendritic cells. Tumour-associated regulatory T cells (Tregs) express IL-23 receptor, which activates Stat3 in this cell type, leading to up-regulation of the Treg-specific transcription factor Foxp3 and the immunosuppressive cytokine IL-10. These results demonstrate that Stat3 promotes IL-23-mediated pro-carcinogenic immune responses while inhibiting IL-12-dependent anti-tumour immunity.

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Chinese medicinal herbs to treat the side-effects of chemotherapy in breast cancer patients.

Short term side-effects of chemotherapy include fatigue, nausea, vomiting, mucositis and myelosuppression or neutropenia. These occur during the course of treatment and generally resolve within months of completion of chemotherapy. A variety of Chinese medicinal herbs (CMH) have been used for managing these side effects.

OBJECTIVES: To assess the effectiveness and safety of Chinese medicinal herbs in alleviating chemotherapy-induced short term side effects in breast cancer patients. Zhang et al (2007) searched The Cochrane Breast Cancer Specialised Register (15/02/2007), The Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL); (The Cochrane Library 2006, Issue 4); MEDLINE (1966 to December 2006); EMBASE (1990 to December 2006); and Chinese Biomedical Literature (2006, Issue 4). A number of journals were hand searched.

Randomised controlled trials comparing chemotherapy with or without Chinese herbs in women with breast cancer were examined and Zhang et al identified seven randomised controlled trials involving 542 breast cancer patients undergoing or having recently undergone chemotherapy. All studies were conducted and published in China. We did not pool the results because few studies were identified and no more than two used the same intervention. All were of low quality and used CMH plus chemotherapy compared with chemotherapy alone. CMH combined with chemotherapy showed no statistically significant difference for the outcomes of phlebitis and alopecia. Only one study showed an improvement in nausea and vomiting, and in fatigue. Three indicated an improvement in white blood cells in the group receiving CMH. Two showed an increase in percentage changes in T-lymphocyte subsets CD4 and CD8. One study showed a statistically significant difference for CMH in percentage changes in T-lymphocyte subsets CD3, CD4 and CD8. Two herbal compounds may have improved quality of life. One study reported that CMH may have some effect on reducing toxicity in liver and kidney, but differences were not statistically significant.

This review provides limited evidence about the effectiveness and safety of Chinese medicinal herbs in alleviating chemotherapy induced short term side effects. Chinese medicinal herbs, when used together with chemotherapy, may offer some benefit to breast cancer patients in terms of bone marrow improvement and quality of life, but the evidence is too limited to make any confident conclusions. Well designed clinical trials are required before any conclusions can be drawn about the effectiveness and safety of CHM in the management of breast cancer patients.

Zhang M, Liu X, Li J, He L, Tripathy D. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2007 Apr 18;(2):CD004921.

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