Immune Cells Contribute to Cancer Progression and Proliferation

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Immune Cells Contribute to Cancer Progression and Proliferation

Fresh data on pancreatic cancer are presented in the report ‘Crosstalk between mast cells and pancreatic cancer cells contributes to pancreatic tumour progression.’ In this recently published study, investigators in the United States conducted a study “To assess the clinical and pathologic significance of mast cell infiltration in human pancreatic cancer and evaluate crosstalk between mast cells and cancer cells in vitro. Immunohistochemistry for tryptase was done on 53 pancreatic cancer specimens.” A mast cell (or mastocyte) is a resident cell of several types of tissues and contains many granules rich in histamine and heparin. Although best known for their role in allergy and anaphylaxis, mast cells play an important protective role as well, being intimately involved in wound healing and defence against pathogens.
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I found this quote in ‘What Will Influence the Future of Alternative Medicine’

I found this quote in ‘What Will Influence the Future of Alternative Medicine’ and was taken with the clarity of the observation. I believe we need to define the research away RCTs and keep it in our area of study. We need to be part of a EBM world but we need to create research, based upon our ‘clinical gaze’.

“Science is not a field of study but a method of observation that must be tailored to the object (or phenomenon) being studied. Thus, scientists must tailor the means of observation (the scientific method) to the subject, not have a standard method of observation and try to fit the object of study within the method that may deform (sometimes beyond recognition) the subject being studied. In this context, any phenomenon, if felt to be of importance, may be studied scientifically. Many factors determine whether an area is worthy of study – for example, scientific significance of potential findings for scientists and the public, or strength of evidence to date. However in many countries the scope of studies is limited by the fact that scientific investigations are guided by available support, which does not necessarily correspond to the intrinsic of the topics, but rather to other factors such as economic interest or technological limitations. Each health system reflects the beliefs and philosophical systems of the culture from which it evolved. These considerations should be included in teaching curricula from early preschool age to professional level education to counter-balance the notion that science, in particular medicine, is objective. Ultimately, it should be understood that each healthcare approach should be evaluated on its demonstrated merit, not on a priori beliefs.”

Eskinazi, D. Factors that will shape the future of alternative medicine: An overview. Pp. 1-23. In WHAT WILL INFLUENCE THE FUTURE OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE? A World Perspective. Eskinazi, D., Editor. 2001 World Scientific Books. Singapore

Should Vitamin C Be Used as an Adjunctive Treatment in Cancer?

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Should Vitamin C Be Used as an Adjunctive Treatment in Cancer?

Researchers exposed leukaemia and lymphoma cells to several common chemotherapeutic drugs, specifically doxorubicin, cisplatin, vincristine, methotrexate, and imatinib, with and without pretreatment with vitamin C. In a related mouse experiment, in which the animals had transplanted lymphomas, vitamin C was given before doxorubicin treatment. In both cell and the mouse experiments, vitamin C led to a reduction in the anti-tumuor effect of chemotherapeutic drugs. These findings indicate that vitamin C given before mechanistically dissimilar antineoplastic agents antagonizes therapeutic efficacy in a model of human haematopoietic cancers by preserving mitochondrial membrane potential. These results support the hypothesis that vitamin C supplementation during cancer treatment may detrimentally affect therapeutic response.
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Chemotherapy side effects in colorectal cancer patients was examined in a Cochrane review.

Side effects, including nausea and vomiting, sore mouth , diarrhoea, hepatotoxicity, myelosuppression, and immunosuppression , are commonly encountered in patients with colorectal cancer who are treated with chemotherapy. A variety of Chinese herbal medicines have been used for managing these adverse effects.

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