Risk Factors for Breast Cancer Recurrence and Systemic Disease; Locoregional tumour recurrence following breast-conserving surgery and radiotherapy raised risk for distant metastases.

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Local and regional breast cancer recurrences are thought to be harbingers of distant disease. To study this potential association further, investigators analysed data from 2784 women (median age, 53) with early-stage breast cancer who underwent quadrantectomy and whole-breast radiation therapy at the European Institute of Oncology. Investigators sought to identify factors that predisposed patients to local recurrences, regional recurrences, and distant metastases or death, and whether local and regional recurrences were associated with systemic disease spread.
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Cytokines and STATs in Cancer

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Cytokines are known to have both stimulatory and inhibitory effects on breast cancer growth depending on their relative concentrations and the presence of other modulating factors in the tumour microenvironment. Certain cytokines appear to prevent an effective immune response being mounted, permitting cancer growth, whereas others promote the immune system’s anti-tumour capability. continue reading

A simple blood test that will help your breast cancer patients understand their risk of re-occurrence and metastases.

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A simple blood test that will help your breast cancer patients understand their risk of re-occurrence and metastases. Take a look at these references
Elevated SAA and CRP were associated with reduced overall survival, regardless of adjustment for age, tumour stage, race, and body mass index (SAA p trend < .0001; CRP p trend = .002) (Pierce et al., 2009b, p. 3437). For example, women with breast cancer who had SAA levels that were in the highest third in amount measured in their blood were three times more likely to die from their disease within the following seven years compared to patients with the lowest- third amount. Similarly, women in the highest third of CRP levels had a two-fold increased risk of death (Pierce et al., 2009b, p. 3442). continue reading

H. Norwood Berger would have liked that

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H. Norwood Berger would have liked that. In his final letter to his heirs, a copy of which was obtained by the Globe, he said the foundation’s money ought to go to colleges and other worthy causes in medicine and education. In the first period, conventional methods of teaching at elementary schools, high schools and universities were used. Students sat on benches that were arranged in straight rows with a desk in front of each. Instructors wrote either with a piece of chalk on a blackboard or with a black marker on a whiteboard.

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Cancer Prevention and Adiposity; is Leptin the Key?

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Cancer Prevention and Adiposity; is Leptin the Key?
Leptin is one of a number of hormones secreted by adipose tissue (adiopokines) which play an important role in appetite and energy regulation, these being themselves part of the long term control of body fat stores (sometimes known as the `lipostat’). Although the existence of some kind of `adipostat hormone’ was worked out some 30 years back, it was identified as leptin just a decade ago. Leptin is secreted immediately after meals, but in the fasting state levels are usually proportional to the total amount of body fat. This suggests that leptin may act as a physiological `meter’, signalling to the body its own level of fatness (Bowles et al 2001). Conversely, a fall in leptin may be part of the body’s response to starvation by reducing energy demand (Bell-Anderson et al 2004). Leptin most obviously decreases appetite and lowers food intake.
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